TBREIA  presented  these  Speakers to YOU, which we enjoyed and learned from:

Al Aiello – Tax Strategies

Larry Harbolt – Creative Seller financing

Roger Salam – Real Estate Investment

Robyn Thompson – Rehabbing & Retailing

Ted Ciuba – How to succeed in Real Estate

Lou Castillo – Million Dollar Strategies

Dan Swaney – Making $10K in 90 days or less

Michael Collins – Wholesaling & Rehabbing

Larry Goins – Buying & Selling Houses fast

Bob Diamonds – Buying out of Bankruptcy & Probate

Graham Treakle – Short Sale & Foreclosure

Wendy Patton – Lease Options

Pat Tar – Asset Protection

Reggie Brooks – Abandoned Properties

Robert Shemin – Millionaire Real Estate Investor

David Tarr – Bankruptcy

Tony Reavas – The real Deal with Smart Money

Bill Twyford – Negotiate like a Pro

Marko Rubel – Turn Key System

Preston Ely – Wholesaling

Donna Bauer – The Note Buyer

Jeff Adams – Real Estate Investments

Marge Coffing – Negotiating

Alan Cowgill – Private Lending

Charles Petty – Turn Key Wholesaling

Paul Wells – Pre-Foreclosure

Tom Nardone – Aution – Options

Tom Kish – Cash Flow System

Scott Britton – Short Sale Profits

Andy Heller – Bank owned Foreclosure

Sam Bell – Web 2.0

Dwan Twyford – Short Sale Profits

Dave Lindahl – Apartment Houses

Kris Kirschner – Wholesaling & buying Houses

Richard Roop – Marketing Mastery for RE

Dan Stojadinovic – Internet Marketing

Charrissa Cawley – Building Wealth through RE Investing

Vena Cox-Jones – Wholesaling

Jerry Norton – Fix & Flip

Chris Krimitsos – Auctions

Lou Brown – How to create your 24/7 $$ machine

Jim Hebin – Guerrilla Asset Protection

Nick Sidoti – How to get 3 times the Market Rent

Heather Seitz – Probate Profit System

Chris Krimitsos – Auction Method

Drew Downs  – Wholesaling

Darius Askaripour – Simple Property Solutions